Legal Brief: Poor urged to boycott elections

6 01 2009

Date: Tue 06 January 2009
Category: General
Issue No: 2226

The Anti Eviction Campaign is planning to launch a national campaign calling on voters to boycott the general elections because, it says, the government has failed the poor and politicians cannot be trusted.

Mncedisi Twalo, a leader of the organisation in Gugulethu, said the campaign slogan would be, ‘No land, no house, no jobs – no votes’. According to a Cape Times report, he added: ‘We have been preparing for months and talking to our alliance partners – Abhahali Base Mjondolo in KwaZulu-Natal and the Homeless People’s Movement in Gauteng.’ Twalo said the Anti Eviction Campaign was active in 46 communities across the Western Cape and represented thousands of homeless and disadvantaged families left in the lurch by politicians. Jane Roberts, an Anti Eviction Campaign leader in Delft, said about 130 families evicted from incomplete houses they invaded in December 2007 were continuing to live in squalor on the pavement.
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6 01 2009

No House – No Land


No vote will mean that from those who did vote a winner will be chosen…

If you have a problem with a politician or the manner of politics, your only ‘other’ option is to SPOIL YOUR VOTE.

If you don’t vote – you don’t count
If you spoilt your vote – your disregard HAS to be COUNTED and TALLIED

13 01 2009

I’m shocked at this article.

South Africa has not just one policital party. The AEC are promoting the ANC as the only party in this country and the only party to vote for, although they are failing the people on all levels.

People are tired of empty promises by the ANC, but they think that change will come to their front door out of the blue and they think that by not voting it will solve the problem. I do not see how.

If you are not happy with the government then vote them out. We have a constitution and a democracy that many people died for and withing that democracy there are many political parties who has been loyal opposition for many year without getting the opportunity to put their policies into practice.

The people deserve the government that they vote for. So if the ANC has to rule for another 50 years then it’s because of the people…

This article does nothing but slap those people in their faces

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