AbM: 50 Shacks Burn in Kennedy Road

23 12 2008

21 December 2008

About 50 shacks burnt in the Kennedy Road settlement last night. This is the 8th fire in the settlement this year.

The fire started when a candle was knocked over just after midnight. So far there are no reports of major injuries. The fire brigade, as is now (after years of struggle) routine arrived quickly and provided a good service. We appreciate that. We trust that the Municipality will, as they began doing this year (after years of struggle), support the people who have lost their homes with building materials.

The Kennedy Road community welcomes all the progress recently made in the long negotiations with the eThekwini Municipality about upgrading the settlement where it is. However it is unacceptable that the Municipality continues to refuse to electrify shack settlements and that when people electrify themselves they face armed and often violent de-electrification at the hands of the police and Securicor.

No amount of shooting will stop people from electrifying their homes themselves. People have to do what they have to do to keep their families and their communities safe. And everyone has the same right to a modern life.

For further information and comment please contact Mdlalose on 072 1328 458 or Mashumi on 079 5843 995.

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