Delft Update: Pavement children speak from the heart and urge compassion from Lindiwe Sisulu

23 03 2008

Monday, 24 March, 2008 (Easter)

A few days ago, Nikita McQuena, 8 year old child decided she was tired of the South African government ignoring her parents and the other adults living on the pavement of Symphony Way in Delft. Nikita, a fiery little girl who speaks isiXhosa, Afrikaans and English, is not quite sure which racial category she might fit under and brushes aside the inciting racism of party politics. She thought that if the government, the media, and wealthy South Africans refused to listen to the pleas of poor adults, maybe they would be moved by her words and those of the other children living on the Delft Symphony pavement.

Nikita says that she does not care for political parties such as the ANC and DA who continually promise to give her parents a house during election time, but never fulfill these promises. She says that her mother has been waiting patiently on the wait-list for over 15 years. However, she has trouble understanding how a few elite South African can drive fancy cars, have holiday homes, and travel all over the world, while the rest of South Africa struggles to put food on the table or a roof over their heads.

In the first page of the document below, you will find Nikita’s letter to the Minister of Housing, Lindiwe Sisulu. After writing this letter, Nikita – who is on a personal mission to appeal to the heart of government bureaucracy – organised over 30 other children and helped them write their own personal letters to Sisulu.

It is a tragedy children of this age, instead of enjoying their childhood, have to constantly worry about things like housing, food and education – all human rights guaranteed in South Africa’s constitution. But, at the same time, its heartening to see children of all ages demanding their rights. If Nikita is any indication of South Africa’s future, then we can have hope that the oppression of the poor will one day be abolished.

For more information, please contact Ashraf at 076-186-1408 or Auntie Jane at 078-403-1302

Nikita McQuena speaking to Delft Residents

Nikita McQuena speaking to Delft Residents