Press Alert: Delft pavement dwelling couple to marry today on the road

15 03 2008

Saturday 15 March 2008

DELFT, CAPE TOWN – In a few hours time, Sylvia Isaacs and Palmarco Jacobs, evicted from the BNG houses in Delft and living outside on Symphony Way with 3000 other people, will get married in the road.

The couple would like to invite the media to attend.

The couple have chosen to hold their wedding on the road as an expression of their steadfastness to the struggle of getting their long promised house in Delft.

for more information call 076 1861408


Press Update: Two newborn babies living on side of road in Delft with 300 other children

15 03 2008

Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign (AEC) Press Update                                                                                                      Friday 14 March 2008 at 5pm

DELFT, CAPE TOWN – The AEC is again making an urgent appeal for food for the 3000 plus “non-DA supporters” living outside on Symphony Way, Delft.  The 3000 include two newborn babies, born yesterday and the day before, and 32 babies under one year old. There are well over 200 toddlers and children over one year old living there too.
The AEC is also living with the people on the road and is making a strong appeal for food for the 300 children. Right now, we have only onions and two large gas tanks (supplied today by Islamic Relief). The police and city police are still blocking, through use of a checkpoint, all delivery of any other food or relief stuff.
Just metres away, a much smaller group of Delft evicted people who are DA supporters have been provided by the city with tents and hot meals daily. When an organisation contracted by the city to feed this group has food left over, they continue to throw it away into the bushes even though they were already photographed doing this shameful thing.
The AEC particularly appeals for bread, samp, beans, jam and any other tinned foods for the 300 children on Symphony Way.
Of course, the ANC and ID and other political parties are also doing nothing to support the 3000 people living on Symphony Way. These 3000 are depending on the efforts of progressives in the city to mobilise support for them.
It is very important that they are supported because this will send a strong message to the DA City that people are not pawns who will willingly be used in their dirty game to win the province from the ANC in next year’s election. Similarly, the people are showing the ANC that even though the ANC has ridden totally roughshod over them in implementing the N2 Gateway Housing Project, they will remain steadfast and visible in their struggle for decent housing.
Please contact Ashraf Cassiem urgently if you can supply anything for this community – call 076 1861408