Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign gears up for numerous court battles

15 09 2002

by Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign
Sunday, Sep. 15, 2002 at 11:49 AM

Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign gears up for numerous court battles Tuesday 10 September 2002

Today, Max Ntanyana and Ncebe Sithole, of the Mandela Park Anti-Eviction Campaign, are to appear in Khayelitsha Magistrates Court. Their case is only one of many the AEC is fighting, showing a pattern of harassment of poor communities in Cape Town.

Max Ntanyana and Ncebe Sithole of the Mandela Park Anti-Eviction Campaign are to appear in Khayelitsha Magistrate’s Court today, 10 September 2001. The charges against the seem to stem from an interdict South Africa’s biggest banks took out against them, in order to stop their involvement in Campaign work. We are still trying to ascertain the details of this case – the comrades were arrested at their workplace, the Zandvliet water treatment plant on Saturday, during strike action. All their other comrades from the same workplace have been released, but Max and Ncebe are still being held. Protests will happen at the Khayelitsha court today.

The Mandela Park Anti-Eviction Campaign is involved in fighting evictions, which are called for by the banks but executed by Servcon, a 50/50 public private partnership, where the government provides muscle to collect money for SA’s bankers.

Tomorrow’s court date is the first of many this month. On Thursday the 12th of April, 12 comrades from Mandela Park will appear in Khayelitsha court on charges related to community resistance to evictions.

On Monday the 17th of August, Sharifa Cloete of the Gatesville Informal Traders Association (GITA) will appear on ludicrously fabricated charges of intimidation and assault. When comparing the slight build of comrade Sharifa to the burly policemen she had to deal with when attacked two months ago, it should become obvious where the fault lies!

Then, on Friday the 20th of August the trial of the Anti-Eviction 44 will go ahead. These are 44 comrades who were arrested when, after many faxes failed to get a response, they went to the offices of Housing MEC Nomatyala Hangana to demand a date for a meeting.

The Mandela Park AEC will protest tommorrow morning at Khayelitsha Magistrates Court. We are not inimidated – we are so very many, and the banks and the council and the government – they are so very few!




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